Pool Cleaning Services

There’s nothing better than taking a dip in a crystal-clear pool that is clean, safe, and maintained.

At Swimming Pool Services, we are committed to providing the best pool cleaning services to help keep your pool open all season. We offer everything from chemical checks and basket and bag cleaning to a deep cleaning of your pool and spa – the services you need to not only keep your pool looking great, but also free of unsightly algae, harmful bacteria, and debris that can ruin your experience.

Our service includes four weekly visits per month. With each visit you get the following:

  • Check of chemical levels in swimming pool, spa/hot tub
  • Check of all swimming pool, spa/hot tub equipment
  • Clean all baskets and bags
  • Brush, skim, net and/or vacuum as needed to remove debris from swimming pool and/or spa/hot tub
  • Check pump, filter, time clocks, temperature
  • Clean and/or backwash filter as needed
  • Add chlorine or bromine tablets as needed
  • Adjust pH as needed
  • Lightly clean pool deck
  • Notify the owner of any swimming pool and/or spa/hot tub problems
  • Keep owner aware of product updates


We are committed to providing you exceptional services that keeps your pool or spa open. A pool is a big investment. Protect your investment and keep it looking and feeling fantastic. If you are looking for the best pool cleaning service in town, then contact us today!