CPO Training

Swimming pools offer fun for millions across the country every year. Owning and operating a swimming pool isn’t as simple, though, as pulling off a pool cover. There is a lot of knowledge and training that goes into operating an aquatic facility for private or public use, ranging from proper equipment maintenance to balancing chemicals, ensuring safety, and opening/closing pools every season.

We offer Certified Pool Operator® training for those who want an advantage in swimming pool operations – from homeowners, health officials and property managers to aquatic professionals working in country clubs, municipal facilities, public and private schools, retailers, and other areas.

Certified Pool Operator® Training

Scheduled Courses: February 5th, 2014

Blended course: Attendee will take an online primer course. On successful completion of the primer course attendee will submit completion certificate on the day of training. The day of training will be an 8 hour classroom/hands-on setting, culminating with the CPO Certification test.

Call for more information on CPO training: 601-3385

Location: TBD

Interesting in gaining a proven professional certification that is recognized nationally and internationally and gives you not only the capability of running a pool with success, but also reducing risk and increasing enjoyment?

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