Cleanup Service

Cleanup service is needed when your swimming pool, spa, or hot tub has been neglected for a while and needs more than a few gallons of chlorine or other chemicals to bring it back. Whether this occurs during the summer or during the long offseason period during the fall and winter, an intensive maintenance and restoration program is needed to get your pool back into perfect shape.

Our professional pool cleaners take great care to fully restore your pool to its ideal condition. From making sure your chemicals are finely balanced to going over your entire pool maintenance system (including pumps, filters, and temperature regulators), our pool cleaners have you covered.

Swimming Pools

  • Complete check of chemical levels in swimming pool, spa/hot tub
  • Check of all swimming pool, spa/hot tub equipment
  • Clean all baskets and bags
  • Brush, skim, net and/or vacuum to remove debris from swimming pool, spa/hot tub
  • Check pump, filter, time clocks, temperature
  • Clean and/or backwash filter as needed
  • Add chlorine or bromine tablets as needed
  • Balance water chemistry
  • Lightly clean pool deck
  • Notify the owner of any swimming pool and/or spa/hot tub problems
  • Keep owner aware of product updates


Spa or Hot Tub

  • Drain all old water and clean spa shell
  • Remove and clean filter
  • Fill spa/hot tub with fresh water
  • Clean spa cover
  • Balance water chemistry


Contact us today for the pool cleaners who will have your pool looking great in no time!