Pool Chemicals Service

No pool maintenance program should ever be complete without a comprehensive pool chemicals service. Pool chemicals keep our pools safe by removing dangerous bacteria and other contaminants from the water – contaminants like Shigella, E. coli, Giardia lamblia, and others.

Without the proper amount and mix of chemicals, administered and balanced by a pool cleaning professional, your water may not only be unsafe, but could also irritate your eyes and skin and make your swimming experience unpleasant.

Fortunately, the professionals at Swimming Pool Services have you covered.

Our service includes four weekly visits per month:

  • A complete check of chemical levels in swimming pool, spa/hot tub
  • Add chlorine or bromine tablets as needed
  • Adjust pH as needed
  • Notify the owner of any swimming pool and/or hot tub problems
  • Keep owner aware of product updates


Swimming Pool Services provides basic chlorine and pH chemicals designed to decontaminate your pool and destroy harmful bacteria that could otherwise result in illness. These chemicals are balanced to keep your pool free and clear and also be gentle to your body as you enjoy the relaxing waters of your pool on a warm summer day.

Contact us today to schedule the pool chemical services that will keep your pool sparkling and clear all season long!