Pool Liners Replacement

What’s one of the most important parts of a swimming pool? If you said pool liners, you are absolutely correct!

Professionally installed swimming pool liners are the life of the pool. They greatly extend the longevity of your pool, protect its structure, and also make it look and feel nice and smooth. Proper preparation, measurement and installation of new pool liners are essential to correctly preserving the integrity of the pool and its liner.

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When we install pool liners, we follow the following process:

  • Drain pool
  • Remove old liner and foam if applicable
  • Clean coping track
  • Remove fittings
  • Inspect pool walls and bottom
  • Prepare pool base and walls
  • Install new liner (install foam if required, additional charge)
  • Align liner
  • Vacuum fit liner
  • Fill pool
  • Reinstall fittings (New fittings recommended, additional charge)
  • Test system
  • Balance water chemistry


Important Pool Liner Replacement Notes

More than minor repair or rebuilding of pool base requires an additional charge. Replacement of coping requires an additional charge. Additional service work will be extra.

Don’t take your pool liner for granted. Take good care of it, and find the best pool liner for your pool that not only protects your pool, but makes it look great. Pick Out Your Pool Liner Here!