Pool Season!

April 17, 2013

It is swimming pool season and we are all geared up to provide the most professional service available anywhere! Swimming Pool Services, LLC is setting the standard for quality of work in the Birmingham, AL area. Ask our customers! They are our best source of referrals. It is hard to stress how important it is for all pool owners and prospective pool owners to check out who they are thinking of using when building or having work done on their pool. We just completed work on a commercial pool in which another contractor quoted a job very “cheap”, the facility let them do the work. Once complete the contractor suggested other work in which they ended up “messing” up! In a panic we were contacted to make the repair. Once complete we calculated the cost to the customer, ended up they would have saved money to use Swimming Pool Services, LLC originally. Moral of the story is that “cheap” is not always better. We strive to provide the best quality at the best price and more important, we stand behind everything that we do! Call us today for more information and we would be happy to provide referrals on the job you need.